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Writer-Director Deborah Richards is a creative professional with 30+ years of experience in the digital arts. Her work over the decades has spanned from the dawn of the digital audio revolution as a musician and studio engineer to creating for brands such as EDC, Walmart, History Channel and Trufusion as a filmmaker.

In 2015, while still in film school, Ms Richards won four Southwest Production Emmys® for her science fiction short, Boy Meets Girl.  The recognition launched her career as a commercial director and has since directed over one hundred TV ads and web promos.

In 2022 she was crowned as the Nevada Woman Filmmaker of the Year by the prestigious Nevada Women's Film Festival, and in 2023 her debut feature, Move Me No Mountain, was released on Amazon Prime.

Deborah Richards not only owns her own production company, based out of Las Vegas, but she is also a founding member of 1905 Films, a boutique film studio focused on feature film development and production.

When Ms. Richards is not busy writing and directing her own films and passion projects, she freelances as a director, cinematographer, editor, colorist, production designer, VFX artist, educator and public speaker.

Originally from England, she is a dog owner, former bartending world champion, and passionate advocate for the arts.

Deborah Richards is currently in development of her third feature film - Scissor Mouth.


Randy McGuire

CEO - McGuire Advertising 

“Deborah Richards is by far the finest & most well-organized director that I've ever worked with in my 30 year advertising career. Her attention to detail and innovative filmmaking approach has breathed fresh ideas into every project that we've collaborated on."

Patrick Wirtz

Producer - 1905 Films

"Having worked with Deborah as a cinematographer on two features, multiple commercials, and several award-winning shorts I love how she is dedicated to getting the right shot. She has a discerning eye and she's not afraid to use it to make images that pop off the screen."

Malia Aniston
Festival Organizer - C47

“Deborah Richards captivating presence on stage at our film festival event left the audience glued to their chairs. With her eloquence and passion, she effortlessly conveyed the essence of filmmaking, making the experience unforgettable for everyone present.”
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