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Deborah Richards is available for hire as a Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist & VFX Artist. You can also hire Ms. Richards for public speaking, filmmaking workshops, seminars, private tuition, and consulting.

With 15 years working in the broadcast and filmmaking industry, she has experience across multiple genres from narrative feature films and documentaries, to web promos, music videos, and TV commercials.

Known as a Swiss Army knife of filmmaking skills, Deborah Richards brings with her an enormous amount of experience and grows more passionate about her craft every day.

Backed by professional collaborators, no project is too big or too small.

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Writing and Directing are Deborah Richard's deepest passions.

In the last 10 years Ms. Richards has directed around 100 TV and web commercials, nine shorts, her first feature film and is currently in production on her second full length feature.

Deborah Richards says she is an 'auteur in training' and enjoys filmmaking in different genres.

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Deborah Richards has been freelance editing for 15 years. She is known as a superstar editor for being fast, creative, knowledgeable and experienced.

In addition to editing 100's of broadcast projects Ms. Richards has recently been working with live stream teams as a key editor on $50 million+ music festivals.

The video on the left was originally made for a drive-in theater and is a great example of Ms. Richards flexing her creative editing chops. 

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COLOR REEL  - 2022

As a highly seasoned editor (15 years) Ms. Richards has spread her digital wings to include color services. 

Over the last few years Ms. Richards has colored dozens of TV commercials and two feature films including her debut as a director, Move Me No Mountain.

"A professional color grade really takes a movie to the next level in terms of packing a punch". - Deborah Richards

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VFX REEL - 2021

Deborah Richards has been working as a freelance VFX artist for 5+ years after honing her skills though film school and many passion projects.

Ms. Richards is a generalist and compositor who enjoys the problem solving that goes into each VFX shot.

Past VFX clients include Jennifer Lopez, Walmart.

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DEBORAH RICHARDS at The Nevada Women's Film Festival  - 2022 (Receiving NV Woman Filmmaker of the Year)

Deborah Richards has a reputation for being a knowledgable and giving educator. 

Ms. Richards can be hired for various educational work, from large venue talks to seminars and smaller group workshops. 

You can also hire her for consultancy for your filmmaking project or one-to-one coaching.

Ms. Richards can be heard regularly as a moderator in various Hollywood industry rooms on Club House. 

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